That is the question. When playing any type of poker game you will have to make a decision based off of your knowledge of the cards, the players, and off of luck. With online poker this decision is even harder to make because you have to use the way they have been playing their game versus the body language of the other players.

Body language during a regular poker game can tell you a lot of things. You may be able to tell if somebody is bluffing, or if they have pocket aces by the way they act. In a game of online poker, you have to go by the way they play. You can only guess what they have based off of what you have and depending on what type of poker you are playing the cards that are visible. You might be able to have a general idea by the amount of money they are putting in the pot, but are they bluffing?

Regardless the decision to raise comes down to you when it is your turn. Are you just going to check and let it go as is? Do you stay in the game and call it? Do you raise it? Do you fold? Depending on what cards you have and what type of player you are you might raise the pot.

The game of poker is a game of skill and luck. It doesn’t matter how much skill you have it is not a guarantee of a win, although it will help. There is a certain percentage of luck that goes into every hand. Knowledge of the game will make you a better player, and as you play that knowledge will be used. Luck comes in where you never know what cards you are going to get. Are you in luck and get that last card of a royal flush or do you get the lowest card of another suit? If it is the last card in play, and you are betting on luck to give you the needed card you may be finding yourself a big winner or a big loser.

The knowledge of the cards and the different combinations that allow you to win a hand are just as important as a little of luck. Knowing the difference between a flush, a straight, and four of a kind is easy for those that play all the time. For a new player, they might be confusing at first. They will quickly learn the different hands and what is worth more. How many times have you seen a royal flush?

The cards can be funny. Sometimes they will go the way you want and other times they will go the opposite way. Sometimes even in the same hand. You have to trust yourself, and your luck to make the decision on whether to raise or bet. Do you have a good hand to start with? Do you have what is possible the best hand on the table?

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