Man in the News: Garry Kasparov

Man in the News: Garry Kasparov By Charles Clover Published: September 25 2009 23:15 Last updated: September 25 2009 23:15 Financial Times Hunched over a chess table, chin wedged into his knuckles, eyes fixed in concentration, a familiar figure returned to Russia’s television screens this week. He had been little seen of late: after 2005, Garry Kasparov, who retired from chess to become the face of political opposition to Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin, all but disappeared from the airwaves. Yet as Mr Kasparov played a mini-championship in Spain marking the 25th anniversary of his five-month “marathon match” against Anatoly Karpov – a man he describes on his blog as his “eternal opponent” – an informal Kremlin ban appeared to lift

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Man in the News: Garry Kasparov

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