Poker – you got to know when to hold em

Poker: You got to know when to hold ‘em. Texas hold em poker is officially recognised as being developed in Robstown Texas in the early 19th century in Texas State legislature. It wasn’t until 1967 that Texas hold em poker made its way to Vegas where it quickly became regarded as a game for the thinking man. Hold em is one of many variations of poker available today and the “no-limit” version is the main event of the World Poker Tournament which is held annually and televised to many locations worldwide. It was this exposure on the small screen that caused the strategic games popularity to skyrocket.

The World Series of poker was the first ever poker tournament held in 1970, it was in 1971 that “no-limit” hold em became the main event. Other forms of Texas hold em include “Limit” and “Pot” .The arrival of Texas hold em saw a fall in popularity of the once much loved 7-card stud poker. Although regarded as being a strategic and analytic game, hold ‘em is not as difficult as some people think. A standard 52 card joker-free deck is used to play the game with players tasked at making the best 5 card hand possible with a combination of the cards they were dealt and the 5 “community” cards on the table. As with all poker games both online poker and in the casinos and card rooms, the aim of the game is simple, win.

The pot is what all poker players are after. This is essentially the chips representing money that has been bet for the hand. The game is played in a series of deals or hands and usually there is one winner each hand awarded the pot unless the game results in a tie, in this case the pot is distributed evenly amongst the winners. A dealer is appointed and a dealer button is placed in front of this player to represent a dealer.

This button takes a clockwise trip after each hand in order to swap the position of both the dealer and the blinds. In hold em poker there are two blinds, the big blind and the small blind. The small blind is placed by the player to the left of the dealer and the big blind is posted by the player sitting to the left of the small blind. These blinds are posted differently in the event of only two contestants remaining. The big blind is the value of the minimum bet and the small blind is usually half of the value of the big blind. In example:

The big blind is $10 which means the small blind will be $5. Each player is dealt two cards by the dealer which are known as your “pocket cards”. Being a “closed game” your cards are only revealed at showdown if at all. Show down is when you are at the end of the hand and you must show what cards you hold in order to determine a winner. Betting and raising commences before the first three community cards are placed on the table face up, known as the flop. A small bet is equal to the value of the big blind. So if your big blind is $4 then your bet must also be $4, a raise is equal to twice the big blind and is known as a big bet. After the “flop” another round of betting and raising takes place, players are more likely to bet more in this round due to having a better idea of how good of a hand they can make. A fourth community card is placed face up on the table, this is the “turn”. Once again players make their bets and after this the fifth and final community card is placed on the table, this is the “river”. At anytime during the game a player may “fold” their hand. This means that the player is no longer playing that hand and cannot win the pot.

The player will sit out until the next hand begins. A contestant may go “all in” which essentially means they are betting every chip they have. If this player loses they are no longer in the game and if they win they get all of their chips back and all the chips that have been bet. A great way to learn how to play Texas Hold em is by playing online poker as opposed to jumping straight into the deep end and going to a casino. Online poker provides an avenue for the skilled and beginners alike to participate in games against other opponents worldwide and beginners can play against others of their own skill level. Online poker offers people the ability to play anonymously and affordably gives you the ability to enter great tournaments without the added travel expenses. Visiting an online poker site will give you much insight into the game and you can play for either your own cash or play money which is worth no real monetary value which makes online poker and perfect avenue for beginners and the social player.

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